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About CFR NetIDs

A CFR NetID is your key to the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences computer network. It will let you access resources such as computers and printers located in your lab and office, large scale printers located in the Director's office, and storage space located on School file servers (icluding a web server).

A CFR NetID is for YOUR use, and YOUR USE ALONE! It uniquely identifies you on our network. If you lend your CFR NetID to a friend, or allow someone else to use a computer that is logged in using your CFR NetID, you may be held responsible for their actions. For more information please read the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences Computing Policy.

Getting your Username and Password

Before you get a CFR NetID, you must have a UW NetID. Information on getting a UW NetID.

CFR NetIDs are available to students, staff, and Faculty of the University of Washington. To get your Username and Password you must present your Husky Card in person in the Network Administrator's office. If your picture is not on your Husky Card, you must present some form of State-issued picture identification (such as a driver's license or DOL-issued ID Card).

Changing Your Password (Windows)

Your password can be changed from any computer on the CFR Domain running Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 or Windows XP by pressing the CTRL + ALT + DEL keys simultaneously. In the Window that pops up, click the Change Password button and follow the prompts. Passwords must meet complexity rules. Complexity rules state that a password must be at least eight (8) characters in length and contain three (3) characters from the following four (4) character sets:
  • Lower Case Letters (a, b, c,... z)
  • Upper Case Letters (A, B, C,... Z)
  • Numbers (0,1, 2,... 9)
  • Symbols (Any character that does not meet the above criteria such as !, @, #, $...

Changing Your Password (Macintosh and expired passwords)

If you are using a Macintosh, or a computer that is not on the CFR Domain, or if your password has expired, you may change your password with the web page below. Your new password must still meet the complexity rules above.

Change Your CFR NetID Password