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SMC Tree List Generator

The SMC tree list generator is comprised of a set of executable programs and a database of stand measurement data that are used to create simulated stands or tree lists from a per-unit-area description of a forest stand.


TreeLab is a growth and yield simulation model for plantation, coastal Douglas-fir. It is a stand level simulator, which inventories basal area, quadratic mean diameter, trees per acre, and dominant height.


Organon is an individual tree growth model developed for Southwest Oregon, Northwest Oregon, and the lands of the Stand Management Cooperative. It will project stand development for several species mixes, stand structures, and management activities.


  • Conifers is an individual-plant growth and yield simulator with two variants. The SWO variant is for young mixed-conifer stands in southern Oregon and northern California and the SMC variant variant is for northwestern Oregon and western Washington. Conifers provides forecasts for young plantations of single species or mixed-species growing with or without competition from shrubs


Students affiliated with the Stand Management Cooperative.

Precision Forestry Cooperative

The PFC conducts pioneering research in forest production, management, and manufacturing at a new scale of resolution and accuracy with the goal of producing economic and environmental benefits.