SMC Staff

SMC Director & Silviculture Project Leader

Senior Computer Specialist

Field Coordinator

Nutrition Project Leader

Administrative Specialist

Research Scientist, SMC Field Crew Manager


PNW Research Station
Portland, OR

Wood Quality Project Leader

BC Ministry of Forest
Victoria BC

Research Forester

Field Coordinator

SMC Members 2017

Land Managing Organizations Institutions Suppliers Analytical Organizations

Land Managing Organizations

  • American Forest Management, Inc.
    Bureau of Land Management
  • Campbell Global, LLC
  • Cascade Timber Consulting
    Green Crow Company
  • Green Diamond Resource Company
  • Hampton Resources, Inc.
    Hancock Forest Management
  • Lewis & Clark Tree Farms
  • Lone Rock Timber Company
  • Olympic Resource Management

  • Oregon State Department of Forestry
    Pacific Denkmann
  • Port Blakely Tree Farms L.P.
  • Quinault Indian Nation
  • Rayonier US Forest Resources
  • Roseburg Resources
  • Stimson Lumber Company
  • TimberWest-Forest Corp.
  • Washington State DNR
  • Weyerhaeuser NR Company


  • B.C. Ministry of Forests
  • FP Innovations FORINTECK
  • Northwest Tree Improvement Co-op
  • Oregon State University
  • University of British Columbia
    University of Washington
  • U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest


  • Dyno-Nobel Inc.

Analytical Organizations

  • Jim Flewelling, Biometrics Consultant