Tools and Applications


CULSED is a GIS decision support tool that runs within ArcMap. It was programmed by UW School of Forest Resources graduate student Flo Damian, and uses culvert placement as a method for reducing sediment delivery to stream networks from forest roads.

Related Publications

Schiess P., F. Krogstad and F. Damian, 2004. Locating ditch relief culverts to reduce sediment deliveries to streams - an interactive design tool. Proceedings, Joint Conference of IUFRO 3.06 Forest Operations in Mountainous Conditions and the 12th International Mountain Logging Conference, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, June 13-16, 2004.


Pegger is an ESRI Arcview Extension designed to assist the landowner in the intial design of forest roads. Using a contour theme Pegger can "peg in" a road from any point on the landscape at any grade. Pegger allows for quick analysis of alternative road designs in a GIS environment where other analysis tools can assist the planner in making educated decisions about road location.

Related Publications

Rogers, L.R and P. Schiess. 2001. Pegger & Roadview - A new GIS tool to assist Engineers in operations planning. IN (Schiess P. and F. Krogstad eds.) Proceedings, International Mountain Logging and eleventh Pacific Northwest Skyline Symposium, Dec. 2001. University of Washington, Seattle, WA.