Workshop Announcement Agenda
Spatial Optimization using the Remsoft Solution Suite including Woodstock.
April 15-16, 2014
Pack Forest, Eatonville, WA


The Precision Forestry Cooperative in cooperation with Remsoft Inc. and with support from the Society of American Foresters and PFC member organizations will host a two-day workshop on April 15-16 to offer students and industry/agency analysts an educational opportunity in spatial optimization using the Remsoft Solution Suite including Woodstock. Woodstock is a commercialized and sophisticated modeler’s tool for exploring multiple scenarios, assets, and constraints of all kinds. 

The workshop will be at the UW's Pack Forest in Eatonville, WA. Participation is subject to a $500 registration fee and includes lodging, meals and fees. The target audience for this workshop is the University of Washington faculty, staff, and students from Toth lab and analysts who are supporting PFC member organizations. The location is great there will be plenty of opportunity for student and analyst interactions in team settings.

Workshop Focus
A challenge that we face with making spatial optimization practical is that we must also develop software that will integrate the best available science with existing forest planning tools and workflows. This workshop will provide participants with a good exposure to industry forest planning software and an appreciation for the challenges involved with implementing the best available science in spatial optimization.

The focus of this workshop will be the formulating of a harvest and roads scheduling model with adjacency/green-up using Woodstock.  
Day one will provide hands on introduction/review of Woodstock model sections and syntax with examples using both linear programming and mixed integer programming applications for spatial optimization. 

Day two will provide an interactive series of presentations and group discussions about ongoing R&D focused on implementing best available science in spatial optimization using industry's forest planning workflows.

Workshop Logistics
The workshop will be held at the Charles Lathrop Pack Experimental Forest and Center for Sustainable Forestry at Pack Forest in Eatonville, WA. April 15th and 16th. 
Center for Sustainable Forestry at Pack Forest
9010 453rd St. East
Eatonville, WA 98328