ESRM 410

Primary Instructor: Daniel Vogt
Office: 258 Bloedel
Office Hours: By appointment
Phone: (206) 685-3292

TA: Korena Mafune
Office: 178 Bloedel
Office Hours: Wednesday 10:30 - 11:30 or by appointment

Lecture: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9:30 - 10:20am
Location: GLD 322 (except for computer labs on some Fridays and Lab/Field Trips - see syllabus for more info)
Lab/Field Trips: Tuesday OR Wednesday 12:30 - 4:20pm
Location: Meet behind Bloedel in parking lot C-10 unless noted otherwise

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Natural Resources Career Fair - May 28, 2015

Assignment Dropbox: 

Tuesday AA Dropbox 

Wednesday AB Dropbox 

Course Outline:

Week 1: Course Introduction/Scientific Method

(Entire Team)

Monday, March 30

(each professor)
Syllabus Handout

Course overview, website introduction, and evaluation procedures

Lecture Slides - Intro

Field Trip Week 1 NONE

Additional Readings and Maps:
Topo Map of Saint Edward State Park
Soil Map of St Edward State Park
w Landscape patterns

Keys to Common Vegetation in PNW

Wednesday, April 1
Lecture: Scientific Method (Theory and Designing) - Natural

Lecture Slide: Sci Methods - Natural

Study Tips

Friday, April 3
Scientific Method (Theory and Designing) - Social
GLD 322
Lecture Slides:
Sci Methods - Social

Ch 2 Robson

Week 2: Survey and Navigation

Monday, April 6

Lecture: Field Introduction and Overview of Tools

Lecture Slides - Basic Field Instruments

Study Tips

Week 2 Field Trip: Overview of St. Edwards State Park
Field Site Orientation
Additional readings and Maps:
Clinometer Use
Compass Instructions

Topo Map of Saint Edward State Park
Soil Map of Saint Edward State Park
Keys to Common Vegetation in PNW

Wednesday, April 8
Lecture: Survey and Navigation (Ewing)

Lecture Slides
- Interpreting a contour map




Optional Readings:
Survey and Land Measurement

Friday, April 10

 Lecture: Survey and Navigation (Ewing)
GLD 322

Lecture Slides

Exercise in-class:
draw contour map

Week 3: Mini Statistics 

Monday, April 13 Lecture: Module I: Statistics in Resource Management (Turnblom)

Lecture Slides
Populations, Samples, & Data Summary in Nat. Resource Mgt.
Midquarter discussion on Final Exam:
Example Study Questions for Final Exam

Wednesday, April 15 Lecture: Module II: Statistics in Resource Management (Turnblom)

Lecture Slides - Natural Resource Statistics

Freese, 1967. Elementary Statistical Methods for Foresters

ReadThis! Study Tips

Friday, April 17 Lecture: Remote Sensing (Moskal/Richardson)
GLD 322
Lecture Slides
Remote Sernsing & GIS
Lecture, exercise and readings

Week 4: Stream Ecology

Monday, April 20 Lecture: Stream and Watershed Ecology (Mihle/Bolton)

Lecture Slides                                             

Week 4 Field Trip:
Guide to Common Invertebrates
Color insect ID
Stream Ecology Lab Handout

Wednesday, April 22
Lecture:  Watersheds and Hydrology (Bolton)

Lecture Slides
Watersheds and Hydrology

Friday, April 24
Lecture: Human Changes to Watersheds (Bolton)
MGH 030
Lecture Slides
Homework and data sheet

Week 5: Soils and Microclimate

Monda,y April 27 Lecture: Characterizing the Physical Environment (Zabowski/Vogt)

Lecture Slides

Reading: Tropical Soil Biology and Fertility

Week 5 Field Trip:
Map of Soils in St. Edward's w Landscape patterns
Soil Texture Triangle
Soil Series w soils map of St Edwards

Wednesday, April 29 Lecture: Soil Surveys (Zabowski/Vogt)

Lecture Slides

Friday, May 1 Lecture: Field Trip Data Analysis (Zabowski/Vogt)
MGH 030

Lecture Slides


Soils Report Questions

Week 6: Social Environment

Monday, May 4 Lecture: Social Environment

Lecture: Carrying out an Investigation (Ryan)

Lecture Slides

Readings: Chap 8, Chap 9 ,Chap 11
Week 6 Field Trip: 
Lab Zones
Social Science Module Handout
Social Science Module Report Guidelines
Wednesday, May 6
Lecture: Social Science Measurements obs (Ryan)

Lecture Slides

Friday, May 8
GLD 322
Lecture Slides

Week 7: Tree Canopy

Monday, May 11

Lecture: Tree Measurements (Turnblom)

Lecture Slides Individual Tree Measurement:
Key to Forest Assessment

Field Trip:
Upper Canopy Assessment Handout

Wednesday, May 13
LectureUpper Canopy Summary (Turnblom)

Lecture Handout
Reading: Husch Ch 11
Friday, May 15
Lecture: Forest Structure (Turnblom)
MGH 030

Lecture Slides Upper Canopy III Assess Appls & CFI
Report Guidelines

Week 8: Wildlife Survey

Monday, May 18
Lecture: Wildlife Samplings (Wirsing)

Lecture Slides Nature of Wildlife Populations
Field Trip:
1. Salamander Survey Instructions
2. Data Set 2004-2014
3. Suggested guidelines for report
4. Excel T-Test YouTube tutorial

Wednesday, May 20
Lecture: Wildlife Sampling: Censusing Wildlife Populations (Wirsing)

Lecture Slides
Censusing Wildlife

Amphibian Guide

Puzzle Design Handouts
(see Week 9 Puzzle below)

Friday May, 22
Lecture: Wildlife Sampling (Wirsing)
MGH 030
Lecture Slides

Week 9: Puzzle Designs/Synthesis/Review

Monday, May 25
MEMORIAL DAY - NO CLASS Week 9 Lab: Location for presentations

Wednesday, May 27
Lecture: Final Exam Review/Preparation (Vogt/Team) 

Lecture Slides Final Exam review

Puzzle Design Instructions

Group Members for Puzzles

Wink 105 - Tuesday Lab Puzzle Design Presentations

Wink 105 - Wednesday Lab Puzzle Design Presentations

Friday, May 29
Lecture: Final Synthesis (Vogt)
GLD 322

Lecture Slides Synthesis and Integration

Week 10: Understory

Monday, June 1
Lecture: Lower Canopy & LOD: Productivity & Structure (Turnblom)

Lecture Slides Lower Canopy & LOD:
Productivity, Structure, Diversity

Field Trip:
Lower Canopy Lab
Math Explanations
Lower Canopy Report Guidelines
Wednesday, June 3
Lecture: Lower Canopy Assessment & Designing Multi-resource Surveys (Turnblom)

Lecture Slides Lower Canopy Analysis II

Husch Ch 10
Husch Ch 12

Friday, June 5
Lecture: Lower Canopy Structure (Turnblom)
MGH 030

Lecture Slides

Lecture Notes


Lab and Field Trips


Module Instructors\Questions:

Associate Professor Daniel Vogt is the overall coordinator and will attend most lectures and labs as will the TA Korena Mafune. 
ESRM 304 has eight instructors plus a TA working as a team in teaching this course. They are listed in the table along with contact information.

Name Specialty Email Location Phone
Daniel Vogt
Associate Professor

Soil & Ecosystem Ecology
(course lead)
258 Bloedel

Eric Turnblom
Associate Professor

Forest Mensuration/Silviculture
232 Bloedel

Korena Mafune
Teaching Assistant
Soil Ecology
178 Bloedel

 Monika Moskal
Associate Professor

Remote Sensing
382 Bloedel

Aaron Wirsing
Assistant Professor

Wildlife Science
101 Wink

Susan Bolton

Stream Ecologist
244 Bloedel

Clare Ryan

Social Science

 Darlene Zabowski 

204 Bloedel
Kern Ewing
Plant Ecologykern@uw.eduCUH543-4426