SFR Graduate Student Symposium

2011 Graduate Student Symposium

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video presentations

Keynote Presentations

Integrating Sound Science into Applied Restoration (21:21)
Sarah Hamman, The Nature Conservancy of Washington

The Art of Translating Science for Conservation (28:41)
Mary Ruckelshaus, The Natural Capital Project

Keynote Panel Discussion: Applied Research in Action

Panel Questions - Answers - Discussion (19:33)
Sarah Hamman, The Nature Conservancy of Washington
Mary Ruckelshaus, The Natural Capital Project

Student Research Presentations

Recovery of Golden Paintbrush (Castilleja levisecta) on Severely Degraded Habitat in Puget Lowland Prairies (13:07)
Eric Delvin

Object-based Classification of Semi-arid Wetlands in Eastern Washington (13:31)
Meghan Halabisky

Balsam Woolly Adelgid and Subalpine Fir Mortality (11:22)
Video available by request

Learning Networks as a Tool to Strengthen Regional Marine Resource Management (11:58)
Diana M. Pietri

Variability of Coastal Cutthroat Trout Abundance and LiDAR-Derived Channel Morphometry in Headwater Catchments (14:38) Jason Walter

Public Willingness-To-Pay for Forest Ecosystem Services and Relative Preferences for a Private or Public Payment Mechanism: A stated preference survey of WA and OR households (8:11)
Gabrielle Roesch

Contribution of LiDAR-derived Measures of Vegetation Structure to a Habitat Suitability Model for the Black-capped Vireo (13:23)
Chad Wilsey

Biotic and Abiotic Effects on Soil Crusts in Sagebrush-steppe (12:12)
Eva Dettweiler-Robinson

Fate and Efficiency of Four Urea Fertilizers in Managed Douglas-fir Ecosystems of the PNW (9:54)
Austin Himes

Comparing Soils Using VIS and NIR Hyperspectral Remote Sensing (11:37)
Stephan Gmur

Assessing Aquatic Insect Assemblages within Subalpine headwaters of Mt. Rainier National Park (11:38)
Josh Kubo

Sensitivity Analysis of Growth Model of the Central Rockies Variant of the ForestVegetation Simulator (11:47)
Maria Petrova

Physiological Responses of Himalayan Blackberry (Rubus Armeniacus) to Flooding and Implications for Wetland Restoration in the Pacific Northwest (11:20)
David Hays

The Role of Disease in Seagrass Decline (11:05)
Brooke Sullivan

Planning for Coastal Community Resilience: A practical approach to managing cruise ship tourism (13:21)
Alex W. Adams

Vegetation Sampling at the Speed of Light (12:37)
Jeff Richardson

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Ethanol Fuel from Willow Biomass (14:14)
Mohit Rastogi

Communicating Climate Change: U.S. news coverage and the public debate (11:47)
Karyn Boenker

Technical Investigation of Environmental Benefits of Using Reclaimed Water for Watershed Enhancement: A preliminary report (10:51)
Rebecca Singer

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