The following courses show an example of a pathway to complete the MS or PhD degree in Social Sciences. Graduate students design their course of study in consultation with their supervisory committee. See also, common course work structure (requirements) for MS and PhD degrees.
Title Credits
SEFS 500 Graduate Orientation Seminar 1
Disciplinary Knowledge
SEFS 519 Conducting Financial, Environmental, and Social Responsibility Performance Research 3
SEFS 571 Resource Policy and Administration 5
SEFS 590 Graduate Studies 3
ESRM 465 Economics of Conservation 3
Research Design / Quantitative Methods (example courses)
SEFS 504 Research Processes in Forest Resources 4
PB AF 527 Quantitative Analysis I 4
PB AF 528 Quantitative Analysis II 4
PSYCH 522 Laboratory in Statistical Computation I 2
PSYCH 524 Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis 4
QSCI 482 Statistical Inference in Applied Research I 5
QSCI 483 Statistical Inference in Applied Research II 5
SOC 504 Applied Social Statistics 3
Social & Natural Science
SEFS 509 Analysis of Research Problems 3
Current Topics (example courses)
SEFS 550 Graduate Seminar 2
SEFS 700 Master's Thesis 9
SEFS 800 Doctoral Dissertation 27