Special instructions for some video presentations

Many of the following videos are provided only in Windows Media format, or in a format of Windows Media videos combined with PowerPoint presentations. The video presentations were produced with Microsoft Producer for PowerPoint and may no longer be compatible with modern browsers. To view these video presentations, you may need to use Internet Explorer in Compatibility Mode. To put Internet Explorer in Compatibility Mode, so that it can display older websites, click the icon that looks like a torn sheet of paper next to the Refresh icon in the Address Bar. The icon should turn blue, and the current web page will be reloaded. Change to Compatibility Mode on the page before you open the video presentation. If the video does not load immediately, return to a previous web page and change to Compatibility Mode before browsing to the video again. Below is a screenshot of the Address Bar with Compatibility Mode turned on:

You may also be prompted to install the Microsoft Office Animation Runtime add-on for Internet Explorer. This add-on appears to be unnecessary, and you may continue to be prompted even after you install it. Feel free to close the dialog box that follows if it appears:

If you try Internet Explorer and encounter an error stating, "The website declined to show this webpage," then you need to close the current window or tab and turn on Compatibility Mode. If you encounter an error that states, "The presentation requires Internet Explorer 5.0 or later...," then you need to try Internet Explorer instead of your current browser. If your video presentation appears to be loading, but never appears, try Compatibility Mode. Note that Internet Explorer 11, run from the Windows 8 Start Screen, does not have Compatibility Mode. You will have to run Internet Explorer on the Desktop.


Research Update, College of Forest Resources Centers
Research Showcase on Bioenergy
Research Update, College of Forest Resources Centers
Red Alder Symposium

Northwest Environmental Forum

Eastside Forest Health Challenges and Solutions
Sustaining and Restoring the Health of Washington's Working Forestlands Creating an Ecosystem Services Marketplace
Retaining Working Forest Land and Protecting Biodiversity
Retaining Threatened Work Forest Lands and Enhancing Biodiversity
Future of Washington's Working Forest Land Base
Roundtable Discussions

Olympic Natural Resources Center

Climate Change: Implications for Olympic Peninsula Forest Ecosystems Forum
Watershed Conditions and Seasonal Variability for Select Streams within WRIA 20
Annual Review of ONRC Research

Graduate Student Symposium

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