Meeting Rooms: Bloedel 292 Guidelines

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Physical access to BLD 292 is controlled by an OMNI lock. The access code is provided upon reservation confirmation.

Use Guidelines
Use of Bloedel 292 is restricted to School of Environmental and Forest Sciences academic and administrative activities as follows:

Bloedel 292 is used primarily for events and seminars* (see restrictions below) requiring use of the room's videoconference equipment. Users of the video conference equipment have priority for the use of this room. The room can also be used for the following events, when available and not needed for video conference use: small graduate classes** (see restrictions below), faculty meetings, staff meetings, student presentations, graduate examinations, research meetings, professional or public outreach School events, alumni meetings, social events, and advisory/visiting committee meetings. The room is not used for regularly scheduled undergraduate lecture classes (LC), quiz (QZ) or lab (LB) sections unless the videoconferencing equipment is required.

*Regularly scheduled for-credit graduate seminars (SM) or graduate classes (IS) meeting once per week for 1-1.5 hours;
**Regularly scheduled for-credit graduate classes (IS) meeting more than once per week AND are scheduled after 5 p.m.

The room is managed by the SEFS Building Coordinator. Use of room is secured through this on-line reservation system. The School reserves the right to deny a reservation based on use guidelines or violation of use rules below.

Facility Description
Bloedel 292 is located on the 2nd floor of Bloedel, on the west side of the western portion of the building. Seating capacity conference style is 16, with 6 additional chairs around the perimeter of the room. The room is equipped with laptop projector, pull-down screen, large whiteboard, videoconferencing equipment, and fluorescent and ambient lighting. Mini-blinds provide light control. The phone number for Bloedel 292 is 206-616-6949.
Use Rules :
Person reserving Bloedel 292 is responsible for:
  • Observing reserved times.
  • Restoring furniture to the original conference configuration.
  • Clearing all meeting materials from room immediately after event.
  • Closing and locking door to room after event.
  • Promptly reporting problems with equipment, lights, etc. to
If you need assistance with the videoconferencing equipment, please contact the IT group at